Day 3 Programme (11 September 2021)

Welcome and Worship
Keynote Session 4
Dunamis: The Power of God to Heal and Transform
In this keynote, Dr Ozawa will focus on the “spiritual” component within the context of the five principles of his bio-psycho-social-cultural-spiritual model of counselling and therapy. Although traditionally, many Christian counsellors conceptualise “spiritual” counselling as “integration” (involving Biblical knowledge and scriptural memorisation, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the utilisation of an awareness of the Holy Spirit within the context of psychological theories and traditional practices such as CBT), Dr Ozawa focuses on the “dunamis”, or power of the Holy Spirit. What did Paul mean when he wrote “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (1 Corinthians 4:20)? Having ministered globally, to the poor in villages and destitute inner cities, to victims who were traumatised by wars and disasters, he has seen the limitations of traditional “talk” or cognitive oriented therapies. Can prayer be as effective as, even more demonstrably curative, than “talk” therapy? Dr Ozawa will present international case studies from over 40 years of interventions as a psychologist and pastor.

Dr Joe Ozawa

Speaker: Dr Joseph Paul Ozawa

Keynote Session 4 – Live Q&A
Keynote Session 5
Challenging the Sacred-Secular Divide in Christian Counselling and Ministry

In many ways, the role or work of a Christian counsellor is similar to one of a cross-cultural missionary. All of us are called to live according to the Great Commission. Hence, though the nature of the work of a counsellor and a missionary is different, both are essentially called to be “missionaries” in the broader sense of the word. In this keynote, we will consider the long-term sustainability (surviving burn-out, resisting lapse of morality, etc) and effectiveness of a worker in the field. Several fundamental principles will be explored: understanding the correspondence of our identity (in Christ as well as in the Christian community) to our vocation; taking responsibility for and valuing self-care and practising self-care in the community.

Dr Lawrence Tong

Speaker: Dr Lawrence Tong

Keynote Session 5 – Live Q&A
Closing Ceremony
End of Day 3